Overview:  For more than 35 years Holohil has supported endangered species research and educational work for a variety of agencies and researchers. During that time, we have donated transmitters predominately for bat and raptor research. While we still have a strong commitment to these groups of animals, we wish to extend our support to other species that have not previously been included.  To this end, we are extending our support to research projects that are of high value for their species, have a sound research design, and have a positive conservation intention. In 2016, we introduced our new Holohil Grant Program (HGP), which aims to offer Holohil transmitters at a reduced (or no) cost to projects deserving of support.

Since its inception, the HGP has awarded more than $75,000.00 in transmitters to projects around the globe.

NEW: We are now accepting used units that we can refurbish and donate to MORE worthwhile projects! So, if you have some old transmitters lying around, and no plans to use them in the future, please consider donating them to us so we can provide transmitters to additional studies and researchers! THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF CONSERVATION AROUND THE WORLD!

Holohil Grant Program would like to support projects that generally meet the following criteria:

  • The project makes significant use of Holohil transmitters for data collection.
  • The project aims to advance scientific knowledge.
  • The project contributes to conservation.
  • The project engages/educates the public.
  • The project involves underrepresented study species of high research or conservation value.

Applications submitted to the Holohil Grant Program will be judged for suitability by outside (impartial), skilled researchers and experienced professionals invited to participate as HGP Review Committee Members.  Submissions will be accepted from all parts of the globe and support will be awarded four times a year.

Here’s how it works:  Each quarter, Holohil will be supporting projects by donating up to CAD$2,500.00 toward the purchase of Holohil transmitters.  We will also pay all shipping charges (Note: importation duties and taxes are the receiver’s responsibility).  The Holohil Grant Program is available to conservation professionals and researchers from anywhere in the world.

All we ask in return is a short (approx. one-page) report/update with photos of your work using our transmitters which we can post on the Holohil Grant Recipients page.  It’s that simple!

How to ApplyPlease download, complete, and submit the Holohil Grant Program application form found at the bottom of this page (limit to 500 words).  Submit the HGP application via email to grantprogram@holohil.com anytime to be included in the current quarterly evaluation cycle (see below “Deadlines” for submission and notification dates).

Because Holohil is interested in supporting projects in a way that minimizes the workload for investigators and reviewers alike, we kindly ask that your combined project summaries not exceed 500 words (1/2 page of text).  The categories for which the HGP Review Committee will evaluate applications are as follows:

  • Need – Transmitters are essential for a successful project
  • Project Design – Feasibility of the study (timeframe, number of subjects, well-balanced design)
  • Public Education – Broad reach of the project with special consideration for involving youth
  • Scientific Merit – High potential for scientific contribution (publication)
  • Overall Scope – Broad-reaching projects that may effectively protect habitat and other species
  • Project Potential – The project is a springboard for additional research/outreach
  • Urgency – Study species is in conservation trouble or understudied
  • Popularity/Fundability – Targeting under-represented species
  • Accessibility – Targets a particularly remote/isolated location or is in an area of minimal current research
  • Achievability – Applicant and collaborators have the ability/expertise to do the work

Your application need not comprise a section on each of these criteria to be successful, however, projects that can span both science and conservation education will be more highly rated.



Award Quarter Application Deadline Notification Date
Quarter 1 January 15 March 1
Quarter 2 April 15 June 1
Quarter 3 July 15 September 1
Quarter 4 October 15 December 1


Reporting RequirementsHolohil realizes that any successful conservation and/or scientific endeavor requires assistance from a variety of sources (financial, staff/volunteers, logistics, advisors, etc.) and that each of these require something from you.  The goal of the Holohil Grant Program is to ASSIST you in achieving your research goals, not burden you with another layer of paperwork.  To that end, what we require in return is meant to be as painless as possible while also allowing you a forum (Holohil Grant Recipients) to promote your inspiring and impressive project!  Here is what we’ll ask of winning applicants:

  • Maintain contact with us and provide updates on your project, when possible.  We LOVE to get pictures!
  • Acknowledge the support of Holohil Systems Ltd. in presentations, meetings, publications, etc.
  • Submit a one-page update/report on the project that we can post on our website.  The report should include the following information:
    • No more than ~500 words of text.
    • Photos of our transmitters in use with your animals.
    • Main findings/outcomes of your project.
    • Long term implications of the project (if applicable).


Who can apply?

Anybody!  The Holohil Grant Program is open to scientists and non-scientists from anywhere in the world.

How is my HGP application reviewed?

Holohil is fortunate to have a number of experienced and skilled scientists, biologists, and conservation professionals who have volunteered to be part of the HGP Review Committee.  In addition, Holohil staff are experts in the application of our products and will help to guide reviewers in the appropriateness of projects selected as grant winners each quarter.

Which products are ineligible for the Holohil Grant Program?

All transmitters from the Holohil product line are available for the HGP.  Although, because some units are highly specialized and sometimes require relatively expensive components, some grants may be limited to fewer free units than others.

How many grants are awarded each quarter?

We plan to supply up to CDN$2,500.00 in Holohil transmitters each quarter.  However, if your project requires less than the full dollar amount in products, we may then be able to award transmitters to multiple applicants.  Please consider your project needs carefully.

What if my project wins, but requires more units than the Holohil Grant Program will completely cover?

In this case, the full award amount will be applied (like a credit) to your total Holohil transmitter order.

What should I do with the transmitters after my project ends?

Because all of Holohil transmitters can be refurbished at a fraction of the cost of new units, they can be reused!  You can return them to us for refurbishing (if you plan to subsequently use them yourself), however we encourage you to continue the support of worthy projects by “paying-it-forward” and donating them to another project in need so that they may effectively get a “discount” when they refurbish the units with us.  Please contact us (info@holohil.com) for current refurbishing pricing.

Can I re-apply for a Holohil Grant?

Absolutely!  If you applied and were not awarded a grant during one quarter, you may re-apply in another quarter.

Can I apply for multiple Holohil Grants?

We ask that you only apply for one project per quarter.  However, if you are involved in multiple projects, the same Principle Investigator may apply once each quarter for each project.

Can I find out about the status of my HGP application?

Only winning Holohil Grant Program applicants will be notified by email once we have made our decision.  Additionally, we will post the name of the winning recipient on our website and social media platforms.


To apply for the Holohil Grant Program, please download a copy of the HGP application form, fill in all necessary areas (limiting the summaries to 500 words), and e-mail it to us at grantprogram@holohil.com

MS Word Format
Fillable PDF Format

Applications longer than the 500 words allotted and/or span more than a single page will NOT be accepted.

E-MAIL: grantprogram@holohil.com