Cut tubing to a length approximately the circumference of the animal’s neck, less the length of the transmitter and crimp. Cut a piece of collar wire 5 to 7 cm longer than the neck circumference. Insert an appropriate sized hypodermic needle into the tubing at the point you wish to have the antenna emerge. The hole should be at the mid-point of the tubing, less the length of the crimp.


Pass the antenna through tubing and into the hypodermic needle, which can then be withdrawn. Pass the collar wire through entire length of the tube and through the tubing within the transmitter.

Pass both ends of the wire through the crimp. To minimize handling time, collar preparation can be completed prior to capturing the animal assuming that the ideal finished collar diameter is known and will be the same for all animals. Fit transmitter to animal and tighten collar by pulling loose ends of wire until tubing is flush with transmitter on the antenna side and flush with crimp on the opposite side. Once proper fit is achieved squeeze the crimp tightly with pliers to secure collar wire. Cut off excess wire.


The antenna can also be passed through the tubing 1½ times in cases where the subject animal is likely to damage or shear the antenna. Note: This will decrease the transmitters range. If the transmitter is to be re-used, ensure that only the collar wire is cut when removing the transmitter.

For applications that require the collar to fall off after time, substitute collar wire for a material such as cotton or Dacron thread.

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