The LB-2 is designed for glue-on attachment to small bats, small birds and large insects. The quoted weight is the total weight of the finished encapsulated transmitter, antenna and battery, ready to use in the field.


Model Weight Standard Life Lifespan range Dimensions: LxWxH (mm)
LB-2 0.47g 12 days 8-15 days 13 x 6.5 x 3.5
LB-2 0.52g 21 days 13-22 days 13 x 6.5 x 3.5

Frequency Range: 138 to 235 MHz.

Transmitter: Crystal controlled two-stage design, pulsed by a multivibrator.

Pulse Width (standard): 20 milliseconds.

Pulse Rate (standard): 40 pulses per minute (ppm). Available from 20-120ppm.

Power Output: Set to use available battery power over the required transmitter life.

Housing: The transmitter and battery are encapsulated in an inert waterproof epoxy. Although the unit is usually glued to the animal (click here for gluing instructions), one tube can be attached for the passage of harness material or a suture. A tube will increase the total weight by ~0.05g.

Antenna: Single stainless steel wire, 0.18mm (0.007″) in diameter or a stranded stainless steel wire covered with black nylon coating.

Activation: Soldering two wires starts the transmitter. Activation Instructions


Temperature (suffix “T”): An increase or decrease in temperature results in a corresponding increase or decrease in pulse rate. At the standard settings, the pulse rate changes from ~25 ppm at 0°C to ~40 ppm at 40°C. Each transmitter is supplied with a plotted calibration curve. This option adds ~0.05g to the finished weight of the transmitter.

Position (suffix “P”): The pulse rate switches from ~24 ppm in a vertical position to ~50 ppm in a horizontal position. This option adds ~0.5g to the finished weight of the transmitter.