To place an order for transmitters, please print or download a copy of our order form and fill in all necessary areas.

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Once completed it can be e-mailed or faxed to us.
FAX: 613-839-0675

If you are having difficulty completing this form, the following instructions may be of assistance.
Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.


This section provides us with information on the specific transmitter model(s) you require and the weight, life and additional options requested.

  • Model – Indicate by model number, which unit(s) you wish to order. Please include the option suffixes where applicable (ex. BD-2T – “T” indicates temperature sensing).
  • Quantity – Please indicate the quantity of each model you wish to order.
  • Delivery Date – This is the date when you wish to receive the transmitters. When your order is received we will notify you immediately if we cannot meet your required delivery date.
  • Weight – Use this section to indicate the weight you require for the transmitter model you are ordering, or a maximum transmitter weight that cannot be exceeded.
  • Life – Indicate the life span you require. Note: Should the weight and life combination you have requested not be possible, we will notify you immediately and provide you with alternate possibilities.
  • Attachment – Please indicate the method of attachment you are planning to use (ex. glue, necklace, harness, implant, etc.).
  • Options/Special – This section is for special instructions or additional specifications you require for the transmitters (ex. slow/faster pulse rate, tube size and location, etc.).

Section 2 – ANIMAL

This section provides us with information on the specific animal(s) you are studying.

  • Species – Where possible, please provide us with both the common and scientific names of your study animal(s).
  • Weight/Neck Size – Male/Female – Information on the weight of your animal is critical to determine an appropriate transmitter for use. Neck size is required for collar and necklace style transmitters.
  • Habitat & Study Location – This information is helpful to us should your study site have characteristics that require us to make modifications to your transmitters (ex. a rain forest environment may require us to use additional potting material to ensure adequate waterproofing).

Section 3 – FREQUENCY

This section provides us with information on your receiving equipment (Please note that we do not manufacture receivers and, as such, this section is intended to provide us with information on the receiving equipment you are currently using, not the specifications of receivers you wish to purchase).

  • Frequency(MHz) – This is the full range of frequencies that your receiver can detect (ex. 150.000 to 151.999 MHz).
  • Increments(kHz) – Please indicate the spacing you require between the frequencies of your transmitters. Our standard spacing is 20kHz. However, most modern receivers can easily distinguish between units with only 10 kHz of spacing. Reducing the increments between units may be required if your receiver has a small range or if you are ordering a large quantity of transmitters.
  • Model – We are familiar with most brands of telemetry receivers and their characteristics. The model number may assist us with frequency selection.
  • Frequencies to avoid – EXTREMELY IMPORTANT. If applicable, please provide us with a list of any frequencies that you DO NOT wish us to use (ex. bad channels on your receiver, other units you may already be using, or other projects within your study area that are also using frequencies within your range). If your list of frequencies to avoid is large, please include an additional page with your order form.


This section provides us with the necessary addresses for the shipping and billing of your order.

  • Shipping Address – This is the address where you wish to have the transmitters shipped. Since our primary shipping method is via couriers, please provide us with a physical address wherever possible as most courier companies will not deliver to “PO Box” numbers.
  • Billing Address – Please provide us with an address to mail the invoice to, if different from the shipping address.
  • Purchase Order No. or VISA Info. – Should you be ordering these units through a third party (ex. government agency, university, etc.) please provide a valid purchase order number to reference for billing purposes. If possible, please provide us with a copy of the purchase order.
  • If you are planning to pay for your order with a credit card, please provide the details (Cardholder’s name, the card number and expiry date) in this section.

If you require us to split the total value of the order onto multiple invoices, please provide us with theses details, at the time of ordering. A separate page with these details should accompany your order form.

Section 5 – FOR OFFICE USE

This section is for our office use. Please do not enter any information in this section.