These units are designed for collar attachment to birds such as parrots or macaws with strong aggressive bills. These units can also be used on small & medium sized mammals who require a stronger transmitter casing than our normal epoxy coating.


Model Weight Standard Life Lifespan range Dimensions: L x Diameter (mm)
SB-2C 5.0g 5 months 3-6 months 14 x 9.5
SB-2C 6.2g 10 months 6-12 months 19 x 9.5

Note: Because the larger (6.2g – 10 month) SB-2C unit uses two batteries in parallel, it must not be stored for more than 2 months prior to use.

Frequency Range: 138 – 235 MHz.

Transmitter: Crystal controlled two-stage design pulsed by a multivibrator.

Pulse Width (standard): 19 milliseconds.

Pulse Rate (standard): 35 pulses per minute (ppm). Available from 20-120ppm.

Power Output: Set to use available battery power over the required transmitter life.

Activation: Removing an external magnet starts the transmitter. Replacing the magnet stops the transmitter.

Housing: The battery and transmitter are hermetically sealed in a brass case.

Antenna: Stranded stainless steel cable covered with a black nylon coating. Additional layers of shrinkable tubing reinforce the antenna at its base.


Temperature (suffix “T”): An increase or decrease in temperature results in a corresponding increase or decrease in pulse rate. At the standard settings, the pulse rate changes from ~25 ppm at 0°C to ~40 ppm at 40°C. Each transmitter is supplied with a plotted calibration curve. This option adds ~0.05 g to the finished weight of the transmitter.