In the consulting business, you don’t always know what you need for a project, or even how many projects will require telemetry! We rely on Holohil to provide the best quality radio-transmitters for tracking small bats in the eastern US and the best customer service. Our business-to-business relationship with Holohil is superior to any other, and we are able to provide the best data to our clients because of the reliable product and reliable transmitter delivery when we need it. John is always responsive and in a fast-paced summer, it is critical that we get quick answers and be able to assure our clients that we will deliver. The battery life of the transmitters is as promised and often last longer, the signal is clear and loud, and we are confident we’ll be able to find our bats if they are wearing Holohil transmitters. We recommend this company to everyone we chat with about telemetry and stand by our recommendation.

We’re batty for Holohil!
Piper Roby
Copperhead Environmental Consulting, Inc.